Personal contribution summaries

If your client has made personal contributions to their super account during FY23/24, we’ll get in touch with them to confirm the total amount and any amounts they’ve already submitted a valid deduction notice for.

What your client needs to do

If your client doesn't want to make any amendments, they don’t need to do anything. However, we recommend they keep our communication for their taxation records.

Your client can follow the relevant guide by searching 'Deduction Notice for Personal Super Contributions Form and Guide' here if they’d like to:

  • lodge a deduction notice for personal contributions made during FY23/24
  • change the amount they intend to claim in their tax deduction.*

*Subject to the validity of the deduction notice.

When is my client’s deduction notice due?

Your client will need to submit a deduction notice on or before (whichever occurs first):

  • they lodge their tax return for FY23/24, or
  • the last day of FY24/25

How can I see if my client has submitted a deduction notice?

You can download acknowledgement letters in Adviser Online for your clients who have notified us of their intent to claim a tax deduction for their personal super contributions.

As well as acknowledgement letters, you can also download exit statements, PAYG annual statements and partial rollover confirmations for your clients all from Adviser Online. Simply visit the ‘Client Correspondence’ tab on the ‘Statements’ page. You can view this Help Centre article for more information.

Additional contributions

If you have clients with a Wrap superannuation account who are considering making additional personal contributions, you may find this article helpful.