Tax reports

The timing of completion of a tax report is dependent on when we receive the tax information from product issuers. The first distribution of tax reports will generally be made available by the end of July and subsequent distributions are then sent in the following months as we receive this information.

Why are there delays in tax reports?

All fund components need to be finalised and processed for an account before the tax report can be issued.

We’ve reached out to fund managers and requested an indication of when they can provide us their annual tax components. The Product Issuer Schedule for the FY22/23 tax year is available here. You can also find the Product Issuer Schedule for the FY21/22 tax year available here.

The below key will help you navigate the schedule:

  • Outstanding – The platform hasn’t received fund tax reports. If the fund hasn’t provided information by the expected date, we’ll follow them up regularly. We’ll also notify you via email and on the investment menu news page if we’re informed by the fund manager of any material changes to the expected date.
  • Received – The platform is processing fund tax reports and are reconciling to individual accounts. (On average, this process generally takes around two weeks).
  • Audit – To provide assurance around the accuracy of your client’s tax report, KPMG conduct an independent audit to ensure they remain consistent with the assumptions and principles outlined in the tax guide. They are also responsible for agreeing that the information reported is consistent with the information we have on file (On average, this process generally takes around one week).
  • Finalised – All tax components for this fund have been finalised. (On average, this process generally takes around one week).

How will I know when my tax report is ready?

We’ll email you as soon as your tax report is ready. To help ensure there aren’t any delays in getting your tax report to you, we encourage you to check your email address is up-to-date. You can update your email address anytime by contacting us.

If your account is closed, we will post your tax report to the postal address on file.